PHOENIX PLUS was founded in 1997 and has now become one of the major players for collection, trade and recycling of non-ferrous metals and plastics in Europe. Our activity range extends all-over Europe (mainly in Benelux, France, Germany and Spain) and South-Est Asia (China and Pakistan, among others).

Our products come mainly from the following fields:
  • Car Shredders
  • Electronic equipment disassembling factories
  • Sorting and collecting companies for non-ferrous metals
  • Plastic treatment factories
  • Industries
We take care of all the logistical aspects, from the supplier to our client:
  • Land transport by truck (walking-floor, dump truck) to our warehouse in Antwerp.
  • Vertical or horizontal loading of sea containers (20′, 40′) directly at the supplier’s warehouse.
  • Sea transport to our client’s warehouse from any European port (Antwerp, Hamburg, Le Havre, Marseille, Barcelona, …).

Since 2007, we have our own branch in Tianjin (China): TIANJIN PHOENIX METAL PRODUCTS CO., LTD 

This factory covers 80.000 m² and is specialized in processing and recovering the following scraps:

  • Copper and aluminum cables
  • Shredded motors
  • TALK and OCEAN
  • Plastics

PHOENIX Tianjin is based in Tianjin’s Ziya Environmental Parc. This industrial area benefits from a modern infrastructure that meets all environmental standards.