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Are you a carrier?

If you want to work for us, please send us your transport license, together with your registration as a carrier of waste (OVAM, OWD, IBGE) to

Please, have a look at our “Transport Specific Clauses”.

Send us the completed document to

Transport Specific Clauses

Are you a supplier?

Please, read our “Forbidden Wastes List”.

Forbidden Wastes List

Are you a client?

Interested in some product? Please send your operating and importation licenses and, eventually, your certifications (ISO) to

Please revert to us with the duly completed and signed “Green List Contract” to

These documents are required before any exportation.

Green List Contract

Do you have any quality or environmental problem with one of our goods/containers? Please complete the “Client Report” file and send it together with pictures to

Client Report