Environmental protection is the key factor in all the decisions made by Phoenix-Plus. Being aware that this earth belongs to the future, we have decided to take a more active stance in order to preserve our beautiful planet.

CO2 Neutral

Today Phoenix-Plus has compensated its CO2 emissions for all forms of travelling by aeroplane, train or car and its objective is to achieve carbon neutrality for all of its activities.

Green Sahel

This compensation of carbon dioxide emissions is translated in participation in the financing of the Green Sahel project (www.greensahel.org) of CO2Logic (www.co2logic.com).

This action in the Sahel of Burkina Faso corresponds with our environmental expectations because not only trees will be planted but also the local actors will get a positive impact from this action. Agro-pastoral farming will increase its productivity, thus creating work, improving access to resources, diminishing desertification and allowing a revival of the fauna and flora.

Global & Local Actor

This project in Burkina Faso is part of a global environmental policy. Phoenix-Plus remains however an actor at a local level.

Our team has indeed actively participated in the plantation of 1000 trees and hedges all over the agricultural plots of the province of Walloon Brabant. This action has been realized in coordination with the non-profit association AWAF (www.awaf.be), that intends to defend and promote agroforestry by combining trees with fields in order to preserve the soil quality, increase biodiversity and diversify the use of agricultural parcels.